Extremism in America: Louis Beam

  • November 30, 1999


For more than three decades, Louis Beam has been on a crusade against a government he views as tyrannical and controlled by Jewish conspirators. Beam first became active on the far right as a paramilitary Klansman, later as a neo-Nazi with Identity ties. In each incarnation he has been a powerful voice of anti-government hatred and white supremacy, one of the most influential and incendiary figures on the far right. Generally considered the first important proponent of the "lone wolf" or "leaderless resistance" model of activism, Beam has encouraged anti-government and racist terrorism by means of small underground cells that cohere through ideology rather than formal organizations. Once considered Richard Butler's likely successor at Aryan Nations, Beam was passed over in the mid-1990s. During the past five years, he has significantly lowered his public profile and has limited his activity primarily to postings on his Web site.

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