Forever 21 "Swastika Rings" A Hoax

  • September 2, 2016

Rumor: Forever 21 is selling "Swastika rings."

Status: FALSE 

What happened?

A rumor spread on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites and making the rounds via e-mail suggests the clothing retailer Forever 21 was selling "swatika rings." The social media posts included a photograph showing the purported swastika rings for sale on the shelf in the store.

ADL and independent internet hoax sites such as Snopes have verified that the image of the swastika rings was a hoax.


In response to questions about the image, the retailer conducted a thorough investigation including an audit of international and domestic store records. The investigation found that the reported item was never sourced, produced or sold by Forever 21.

"We believe the pictures in question were part of an unfortunate and cruel internet hoax," a store spokesperson said in a statement. "Forever 21 would never knowingly source or sell such merchandise."