Hate Rock Online: New Tool For Racists And Anti-Semites

  • February 12, 2013

This document is an archived copy of an older ADL report and may not reflect the most current facts or developments related to its subject matter.

Read the full report: Hate Rock Online: New Tool For Racists And Anti-Semites (PDF).

Racist and anti-Semitic rock music is now a major recruitment tool and source of funding for hate groups. William Pierce, leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, sees hate rock as a way to sway the hearts and minds of young people. "Music speaks to us at a deeper level than books or political rhetoric: music speaks directly to the soul," says Pierce.

Many hate group members, especially neo-Nazi skinheads, have been drawn to white supremacy by listening to hate rock on the Internet, on cds, and at concerts, often promoted and coordinated online, where crowds violently slamdance to the music of bands such as Angry Aryans, Blue Eyed Devils, and H8Machine.

Each year, extremist companies such as Pierce's Resistance Records sell tens of thousands of hate rock cds, many, if not most, over the Internet, bringing millions of dollars into the hate movement.