Hugo Chavez In His Own Words, 2006

  • February 27, 2013

August 25

"Israel was committing a genocide in Lebanon and its leaders should be held responsible and should be judged by an international tribune...The Israelis criticize Hitler but have done something worse."

(Hugo Chavez while visiting China)

August 8

"Probably we will sever diplomatic relations [with Israel]. I have no interest in maintaining diplomatic relations, nor offices, nor commerce, nor anything with a state such as Israel, that commits such madness against Palestinians and Lebanese...We feel indignation to see how the State of Israel continues crushing, bombarding, assassinating, dismembering so many innocent people using 'gringo' aircraft and using its high military power with the support of the U.S."

(Speech by Hugo Chavez)

July 30

"What Israel does today against Palestinians and Lebanese is terrorism and fascism."

(Visit to a univeristy in Tehran, Iran)

July 30

"[The Israeli aggression] is offensive and cowardly. Why don't they fight against a real army?...They want war because they have the 'demon' inside of them, why don't they behave like soldiers. I am a soldier, confront us soldiers; because cowards bombard children and women's dwellings who do not have even a stone to defend themselves. How brave should the Israeli soldiers feel that way? I tell you from here, from Tehran, one and a thousand times, assassins, cowards. But simply you are condemned to your end, from the bottom of the soul of the populace will surge the force that will end the empire and its cronies..."

(Press conference with Ahmadinejad during his visit to Iran)

July 28

"The aggression against Palestine and Lebanon is an aggression against us as well. It is an unjustified aggression. IT is a fascist aggression, much like Hitler...Israel is right in criticizing Hitler and the hostility against Jews, we do to, but they are doing the same thing that Hitler did to the Jews. They are killing innocent children, entire families. They destroyed the legitimate government of Palestine, they destroyed the multi-year effort of the road towards peace, looking for a Palestinian state, and now they are targeting Lebanon and have destroyed half of Lebanon...Behind the hostilities perpetrated by Israel is the hand of the U.S. The worse menace that has the future of humanity is the U.S. Empire and one of its instruments of aggression is in the State of Israel. This plan was prepared in detail a long time ago and it was planned in the Pentagon, only that Israel is the executor."

(Interview with Al Jazeera)

July 27

"Who supported and armed Israel?...The mask is coming off the U.S. This fascism is something similar to what Hitler did: bombard cities, kill innocent children, women and men, and destroy the infrastructure of people. They are demolishing Lebanon. How can you justify that due to the kidnapping of two soldiers, which I condemn, they attack a population, bombarding by using the great U.S. machinery...This was a planned action of war. Behind are the hawkish brains of the Pentagon. Unfortunately, the executor of this fascist aggression is the Israeli military. We urge, in the name of the Venezuelan people, to stop the aggression and for Israel to withdraw from the sovereign territory of Palestine. We ask God to end the violence."

(Visit to Qatar)

July 16

"There it is again, the flame of the Middle Eastern war and who is responsible? It isn't the people of Palestine or Israel, it is the U.S. Empire who pushes the Israeli elite to use their aggression against innocent people... They [Israel] do have nuclear arms, but nobody says anything because 'the empire' is behind threatening Syria and Iran. When will the madness go away? The desire of dominance of 'the empire' could lead the world towards a true Holocaust. God forbid."

(Inauguration ceremony for Venezuelan Minister of Defense in Caracas)

June 9

"The State of Israel needs to respect the people of Palestine who have been struggling to bring peace and independence for years...With all the military power and with the support of the U.S. Empire, the State of Israel has acted against the mandates of the U.N. and against world peace and bombarded again and invaded Palestine territory."

(Statement by Hugo Chavez)