Hugo Chavez In His Own Words, 2010

  • February 27, 2013

July 4

"...There is an invisible hand out there...that wants to provoke us. Now they say that I am an enemy of the Jews. That's a lie. But I have not done anything against the Jews. One thing is the State of Israel and the actions they are committing very occasionally and we are entitled as a state to take a stand. We are independent. And we respect those who support or remain silent before the facts, it is terrible. But they accuse me of being an enemy of the Jews, that we attack the Jewish community, that we support the Colombian guerrillas, that we support terrorism, that we support drug trade, that we violate human rights. You see it is a persistent campaign..."

(President Hugo Chavez on Venezolana de Television, during the closing statements of the New Latin American Group without the US and Canada)

June 26-27

"The Golan Heights belongs to the Syrian people...the genocidal State of Israel will be put in place, and hopefully a democratic state will be born, with which to share ideas."

"The Israeli government has become the murderer arm of the U.S. Empire, a threat to people struggling for their freedoms."

"...We have a common enemy: the U.S. empire and the genocidal State of Israel...[We share the goal] to carry out a socialist revolution, putting ahead the interests of our people."

(President Hugo Chavez on National Radio of Venezuela (RNV) and Noticias 24 during the official visit of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad to Venezuela)

June 6

"...I want to give my most heartfelt tribute to those who were killed by Israeli commanders who perpetrated truly an operation of massacre. Honor and glory to those martyrs of the human cause!"

(President Hugo Chavez on Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias, ABN)

June 2

"Yankee empire, don't you see the massacre that the genocidal State of Israel committed against a group of pacifists that were taking humanitarian cargo to the Palestinian people in Gaza, which is surrounded everywhere by Israel. [Israel] doesn't even allow them water...They massared some people, didn't you see?"

 "I take this opportunity to condemn from the bottom of my soul, from the bottom of my guts: Dam you State of Israel! Damn you! Terrorists and Assassins! [Crowd applauses and shouts 'Long live Palestine!'] Long live the Palestinian people! Heroic people! Good people!"

"...They accuse me of being an enemy of the Jews, my greetings and respect to the Jewish community. They know they have our affection and respect...I doubt very much that a Venezuelan Jew would support an atrocity like that one [perpetrated by Israel."

"Now look, the Venezuelan opposition has said nothing against Israel...Israel is financing the Venezuelan opposition, the counter-revolution. There are even groups of Israeli terrorists, of the Mossad, who are after me trying to kill me. That is one of the threats we have against us, only that we have them under control. We know where they move in the Caribbean Islands. They are not invisible. They are actually clumsy most of the time. They are accustomed to fight against the defenseless. Like those of the humanitarian expedition. They fell in the middle of the night bursting ammunition with riffles; peopel who were sleeping; in international waters."

(President Hugo Chavez on Venezolana de Television, VTV)

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