Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad In His Own Words

  • September 7, 2012

October 14, 2010

"You are the heroes that guard Lebanon's sovereignty…You have proven that there no force in the world can beat you. The resistance of the Lebanese nation, drawn from faith in God, can stand up to any Israeli force – planes, tanks and ships…The Zionists planned to destroy this village, but it stood strong against the occupiers…The world should know the Zionists are mortal ... today the Lebanese nation is alive and is a role model for the regional nations…The whole world should know that the Zionists will eventually disappear and Bint Jbeil will remain alive."

(At a rally in the Southern Lebanese town of Bint Jbeil, which borders Israel)

October 13, 2010

We "oppose the occupation and aggression and the crimes committed by the Zionist enemy and those who support it."

(At a news conference with Lebanese President Michel Suleiman)

September 23, 2010

"First, the event of the II September 2001 which has affected the whole world for almost a decade.  All of a sudden, the news of the attack on the Twin Towers was broadcast using numerous footages of the incident.

"Almost all governments and known figures strongly condemned this incident.  But then a propaganda machine came into full force; it was implied that the whole world was exposed to a huge danger, namely terrorism, and that the only way to save the world would be to deploy forces into Afghanistan.   Eventually Afghanistan, and shortly thereafter Iraq were occupied. 

"Please take note:

"It was said that some three thousands people were killed on the II September for which we are all very saddened. Yet, up until now, in Afghanistan and Iraq hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, millions wounded and displaced and the conflict is still going on and expanding.

"In identifying those responsible for the attack, there were three viewpoints.

"1- That a very powerful and complex terrorist group, able to successfully cross all layers of the American intelligence and security, carried out the attack. This is the main viewpoint advocated by American statesmen.

"2- That some segments within the U.S. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining American economy and its grips on the Middle East in order also to save the Zionist regime.

"The majority of the American people as well as other nations and politicians agree with this view.

"3- It was carried out by a terrorist group but the American government supported and took advantage of the situation. Apparently, this viewpoint has fewer proponents.

"The main evidence linking the incident was a few passports found in the huge volume of rubble and a video of an individual whose place of domicile was unknown but it was announced that he had been involved in oil deals with some American officials. It was also covered up and said that due to the explosion and fire no trace of the suicide attackers was found.

"There remain, however, a few questions to be answered:

"1- Would it not have been sensible that first a thorough investigation should have been conducted by independent groups to conclusively identify the elements involved in the attack and then map out a rational plan to take measures against them?

"2- Assuming the viewpoint of the American government, is it rational to launch a classic war through widespread deployment of troops that led to the death of hundreds of thousands of people to counter a terrorist group?

"3- Was it not possible to act the way Iran countered the Riggi terrorist group who killed and wounded 400 innocent people in Iran. In the Iranian operation no innocent person was hurt.

"It is proposed that the United Nations set up an independent fact-finding group for the event of the II September so that in the future expressing views about it is not forbidden.

"I wish to announce here that next year the Islamic Republic of Iran will host a conference to study terrorism and the means to confront it. I invite officials, scholars, thinkers, researchers and research institutes of all countries to attend this conference."

(Address to United Nations General Assembly)

September 23, 2010

"This regime (Israel) which enjoys the absolute support of some western countries regularly threatens the countries in the region and continues publicly announced assassination of Palestinian figures and others, while Palestinian defenders and those opposing this regime are pressured, labeled as terrorists and anti Semites. All values, even the freedom of expression, in Europe and in the United States are being sacrificed at the altar of Zionism."

(Address to United Nations General Assembly)

September 21, 2010

"The question is, why don't we allow this subject (the Holocaust) to be examined further... It is incorrect to force only one view on the rest of the world.

 "How come when it comes to the subject of the Holocaust there is so much sensitivity?"

(In a meeting with journalists in New York City)

September 16, 2010

In an interview, Ahmadinejad blamed "Zionists" for the contoversy over the proposed Islamic cultrual center near Ground Zero. 

"We believe that there's a minority in the United States and they are Zionists . They have no religion. They believe in no religion."

(Interview with Andrea Mitchell, NBC News)

September 2, 2010

"The Zionists are groups of hypocrite racists who have been operating under the pretext of following Jewish religion principles."

(Address at a rally marking International Quds Day).

August 7, 2010

No "Zionists" were killed in the World Trade Center, because "one day earlier they were told not to go to their workplace."

"They announced that 3,000 people were killed in this incident, but there were no reports that reveal their names. Maybe you saw that, but I did not."

"What was the story of September 11? During five to six days, and with the aid of the media, they created and prepared public opinion so that everyone considered an attack on Afghanistan and Iraq as (their) right."

(At a televised conference in Tehran)

March 11, 2010

"See what has become of Israel. They [the West] gathered the most criminal people in the world and stationed them in our region with lies and fabricated scenarios. They waged wars, committed massive aggression… and made millions of people homeless…Today, it is clear that Israel is the most hated regime in the world… It is not useful for its masters [the West] anymore. They are in doubt now. They wonder whether to continue spending money on this regime or not…But whether they want it or not, with God's grace, this regime will be annihilated and Palestinians and other regional nations will be rid of its bad omen."

(In a speech in southern Iran).

February 25, 2010

"If the Zionist regime wants to repeat its past mistakes, this will constitute its demise and annihilation…With Allah's help the new Middle East will be a Middle East without Zionists and Imperialists."

(At a news conference in Damascus with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.)


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