Jewish Coalition for Syrian Refugees

  • July 9, 2013

In response to the growing humanitarian crisis resulting from Syria’s civil war, ADL has joined with a number of other Jewish organizations to form the Jewish Coalition for Syrian Refugees (JCDR), formerly known as the Jewish Coalition for Syrian Refugees in Jordan.

The JCDR brings together the experience, expertise, and resources of national, primarily North American Jewish organizations that seek to assist victims of natural or manmade disasters outside of North America on a non-sectarian basis. JCDR maximizes the use of financial resources, coordinates the activities of its member agencies, educates the members’ constituencies and the general public about current disaster situations and the Jewish response, and demonstrates the long tradition of Jewish humanitarianism.

The Coalition previously aided thousands of Syrian refugees through more than $500,000 in grants to humanitarian groups operating in Jordan and its efforts led to the founding of the MutliFaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, an interfaith movement that advocates for the needs of Syrian refugee populations.

More information, along with an online donation page is available on the Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief webpage