Kinism: A Racist and Anti-Semitic Religious Movement

August 27, 2013

Read the entire report: Kinism: A Racist and Anti-Semitic Religious Movement (PDF).

Kinism is a relatively new white supremacist religion that began to gain ground in the early 2000s in the United States. While accepting many standard Christian beliefs and declaring Jesus as their Savior, Kinists assert that whites have a “God-given right” to preserve their “own kind” and live separately from other races.

Although the movement is small, it appears to be attracting a growing number of white supremacists in their 20s and 30s, who feel that Kinism offers a religious foundation for their racist and anti-Semitic beliefs. In various postings on websites and blogs, Kinists dismiss the idea that their views are extreme. They see themselves as practicing Christians who just love their own kind.   However, Kinism’s own precepts belie the deep-seated racism and anti-Semitism that undergirds it and its adherents frequently express sentiments of unmitigated hate and prejudice.

A new generation of Kinists is spreading the word about Kinism by using websites, blogs and podcasts to make the case that that their extreme views are a normative extension of Christian beliefs.