Leader of Anti-Government Sect Sentenced to 135 Years

  • April 28, 2004


The U.S. District Court in Macon, Georgia, sentenced Dwight "Malachi" York, the founder of the anti-government United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, to 135 years in federal prison on child molestation and racketeering charges.

The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors (originally the Nubian Islamic Hebrews) is a predominantly African-American, pseudo-religious group with a history of promoting racist and anti-government beliefs.

York, 58, was found guilty of 10 counts of child molestation and racketeering in January.  As part of his sentence, handed down on April 22, 2004, York is required turn over to the government his compound in Putnam County and his home in Athens.   He will not be eligible for early release until 2119.

In a statement before U.S. District Court Judge C. Ashley Royal, York said, "This case had nothing to do with child molestation...It was always about my religious beliefs."  He also said that he has the right to be transferred to Liberia, which he referred to as his "second country." 

York still faces sentencing in Putnam County on state charges, to which he pleaded guilty in January 2003.  The state charges include 40 counts of aggravated child molestation, 34 counts of child molestation, two counts of influencing witnesses and one count of child exploitation.