Michigan Teenager Arrested for Plot to Attack High School

  • September 23, 2004


A 17-year-old high school student from Clinton Township, Michigan, was arrested by police and charged with 10 felonies, including threatening an act of terrorism and concealing stolen firearms.

Police arrested Andrew Osantowski on September 16, 2004, after receiving information suggesting that he was planning to attack his high school.  Osantowski allegedly discussed his plan with an Idaho girl who chatted with him on the Internet.  When the girl informed her father, a member of the cybercrime unit for Washington State University police, about her online conversations, he notified authorities in Clinton Township.

During a search of Osantowski’s home, police found homemade bombs, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, hunting knives and stolen AK-47 assault rifles and shotguns.  Police also found white supremacist literature, Nazi flags and books dealing with Nazis and the Third Reich hidden behind tiles of the basement ceiling.

A transcript of Osantowski’s online chat illustrates his feelings toward minorities.  Osantowski typed “DIVERSITY KILLS,” and “there would be no hate in an all white world. Everything after WWII sucked.”

Osantowski, whose screen name is “nazi_bot_sadistic,” also wrote that “just because u may have so challed [sic] white skin doesnt [sic] mean you’re white. Its the values you have ... the way you choose to present yourself .. if you like black music, black culture ... you’re not white.”

Authorities are also charging Osantowski’s father, Marvin, with five felonies, including concealing stolen firearms. Investigators additionally found explosives, weapons and drugs at the home of Dominic Queentry, a family acquaintance.  Queentry, who police say taught Osantowski how to make bombs, was charged with possessing explosives. 

Osantowski is being held in the Macomb County Jail on a $1.3 million bond.