Neo-Nazi Aryan Alternative Newspaper Reappears

  • June 15, 2009

Following a four-year absence, the Aryan Alternative, a neo-Nazi publication, has reemerged with a Spring-Summer 2009 issue. Published by neo-Nazi figure Alex Linderand former Klan leader Glenn Miller, the newspaper is a platform for vicious racism and anti-Semitism.*

Like its parent Web site, Vanguard News Network, the newspaper spreads a hateful ideology targeting Jews, blacks, and Latinos. Anti-Semitic, racist, and anti-immigrant propaganda infests the Spring-Summer 2009 issue, suggesting that white people must fight to preserve the existence of their race against those who would seek to destroy it. Themes that run throughout the issue include allegations of:

  • Jewish control over the media, government, and international finance.
  • Latino immigrants invading the United States, seeking to overtake the country.
  • Black men threatening the alleged power of white men.

The issue also features articles from several anti-Semites and racists, including:

  • Harmony Grant, an anti-Semitic writer whose pieces are often featured on the Web site of her uncle, Ted Pike, who is also an anti-Semite.
  • "Brother Nathanael," a rabidly anti-Semitic preacher who describes himself as a Jewish convert to Greek Orthodoxy.
  • Edgar Steel, an anti-Semitic lawyer based in Sandpoint, Idaho, who has accused Jews of owning the Federal Reserve Bank, running organized crime "throughout America," and orchestrating the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Several racist, anti-Semitic and anti-immigrant cartoons and quotes appear throughout the newspaper, including images that portray Jews as greedy conspirators, black men as monkeys, and Latinos as invaders who seek to leech off of American social services.

As is common in other anti-Semitic and racist publications, the Aryan Alternative encourages violence against minorities A cartoon urges readers to "get busy…defend your way of life…or lose it." It pictures a white man punching an individual whose face resembles that of a monkey's. The cartoon also states, "Believe it or not, White Man, in the long run, it costs far less to take a stand now!"


Linder and Miller launched the newspaper in October 2004. Linder initially claimed that it had a print run of approximately 50,000 copies. White supremacists distributed it in numerous suburban communities in late-night driveway distribution runs. Its masthead originally stated its intention, to inspire white men and women to "defend their racial interests." As of November 2005 it had printed three issues. The Spring-Summer 2009 issue marks its fourth.

One of its earlier issues attacked black victims of hurricane Katrina as a "sweating mob of subhumanity" whose televised images demonstrate the "eternal truth" that "it is race, not place, that matters." Another article alleged that Mexican immigrants carry all manner of "dread diseases" and pose a threat to white Americans. A third article claimed that Jews have been responsible for killing 600 million white men over the course of the twentieth century as part of a "Talmudic mission" to exterminate the white race.

*All black and white cartoons are printed in the Spring-Summer 2009 issue of theAryan Alternative.

"The foremost enemy of the White race is the international jew, which uses its media and political control to forcibly mix Whites with coloreds [sic], bringing about genocide via murder and miscegenation." —From the Aryan Alternative's "Our Cause" section Share via Twitter Share via Facebook