Neo-Nazi Leader Encourages Followers to Apply to FBI

  • January 21, 2009


Erich Gliebe, leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, is encouraging fellow white supremacists and anti-Semites to take advantage of the current "hiring blitz" at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

In a January 11, 2009 post to the West Virginia-based group's Internet forum, Gliebe suggested that "clean-cut, racially conscious young Whites can apply." Gliebe went on to discuss the benefit to the white supremacist movement of having representatives in the FBI. He explained, "The time may come when you can really help your people out by being IN the system."

The neo-Nazi leader cautioned against revealing any white supremacist sympathies and instructed potential applicants to cover "racial tattoos" and ensure that photographs of them attending extremist events do not exist. Gliebe also pledged to follow-up with more information in the next National Alliance bulletin.

In responding to Gliebe's suggestion, an individual using the name "Hedge" commented that "many of our younger Volk that haven't yet earned the dreaded "Known Associate" label... could definitely get in there on the ground level." Hedge went on to explain that "It's a wartime strategy, and one that apparently works. It's high time that we adopt some for our own."

Gliebe's idea is not new. Members of white supremacist groups have, in previous years, attempted to gain representation in the military and other government agencies without revealing their extremist ties. In a 1999 issue of Resistance, a white power music magazine put out by the National Alliance, a lengthy article entitled "Planning a Skinhead Infantry" instructed white supremacists how to successfully infiltrate the military.