Oklahoma White Supremacist Charged in Murders

  • December 4, 2007


A self-proclaimed white supremacist has been charged with the murders of two men in Oklahoma.

Darrell Lynn Madden, 37, of McClain County, was charged in November 2007 with both the October 2007 murder of a 62-year-old gay man and the murder a month later of a man suspected to be Madden's accomplice in the October killing.

According to authorities, both Madden and his 26-year-old alleged accomplice, Bradley Qualls, were linked to a white supremacist group called the United Aryan Brotherhood, with Madden the self-avowed leader. Authorities believe that the October killing was part of a violent initiation that would earn Qualls his place within the white supremacist gang.

The first victim disappeared on October 26. His body was discovered nine days later in a ditch in McClain County bound with duct tape with a wire hanger around his neck. Qualls was found shot to death on November 7 in Ardmore.

Madden and Qualls both have criminal records, with Madden having served time for impersonating a police officer and for obtaining money by false pretense.

Madden is charged with three counts of attempted carjacking, possession of a firearm by a felon, and stealing a car at gunpoint in an attempt to avoid capture. He has also been charged with kidnapping and two counts of first degree murder. According to prosecutors Madden will not face a hate crime charge for the October killing because Oklahoma law does not provide enhanced penalties for crimes based on sexual orientation.

Madden has also since been charged with assaulting an Oklahoma City police officer after throwing various items, including a bottle of urine, at police officers guarding his hospital room on November 26.

Madden was receiving treatment for a gunshot wound he sustained while trying to escape. Police fired at Madden after he allegedly shot into traffic with a semiautomatic weapon during an attempted carjacking shortly after Quall's body was found.

Oklahoma has experienced problems with many racist prison gangs, including the Oklahoma Aryan Brotherhood, the Universal Aryan Brotherhood, the Texas Aryan Brotherhood, and the Aryan Circle, as well as the United Aryan Brotherhood.  In 2006, an Oklahoma Aryan Brotherhood member was sentenced to life in prison for killing a Pawnee County deputy sheriff in 2001.