Oregon Murder Attempt Linked to Racist Prison Gang

  • April 3, 2008

Police in Portland, Oregon, have arrested two men they believe are linked to the racist prison gang European Kindred for intimidating a robbery victim to prevent him from testifying against other gang members.

Authorities arrested Daniel Davis, 46, in March 2008, charging him with two counts of attempted aggravated murder, four counts of first-degree arson, and two counts of tampering with a witness.

Authorities also charged Davis's alleged accomplice, David Rainey, 58, with attempted aggravated murder, two counts of first-degree arson and tampering with a witness. Rainey pleaded not guilty at his arraignment on March 30.

The two men allegedly firebombed the 29-year-old robbery victim's Portland home on two occasions in August 2007. No one was hurt in either instance.

In the first incident, on August 15, the victim called authorities after hearing a loud explosion in the middle of the night.  Arson investigators found a container in the front yard which the Portland Bomb Squad determined contained fireworks powder.  The outside of the home was damaged in the blast.

Next, on August 25, an explosive device was allegedly thrown through a front window of the victim's home in the early morning hours. The device landed near the man's sleeping five-year-old daughter and started a fire in her bedroom.

In a third incident of harassment, the victim reported to authorities that two men came to his home on December 3, 2007, and told him not to appear in court to testify against the two robbery suspects. According to law enforcement, hidden surveillance cameras put in place after the earlier incidents captured images of Davis's truck outside the home.

The victim was scheduled to testify in front of a Multnomah County grand jury regarding a June 11, 2007, robbery and assault.

On that date, the victim rented a motel room with Chelsea Schallock. According to court documents, Schallock left the room.  When she returned, she said there were two men at the door, one holding a gun. The two men, Donald Ray Livingston Jr., 27, and Gary Wayne Pitra, 31, allegedly forced their way into the room, then beat and robbed the man at gunpoint. During the attack, Pitra is said to have displayed a European Kindred shield tattoo on his calf.

The European Kindred is a large, violent white supremacist gang based primarily in Oregon that has been active in the prison system since 1998 and increasingly on the streets as well, especially in the Portland area. It has around 500 members, some of whom have engaged in witness intimidation incidents in the past.  As much an organized crime group as a hate group, European Kindred members have engaged in illegal activities ranging from drug trafficking to home invasions.

Like many racist prison gangs, European Kindred members often get shield-shaped tattoos identifying their gang affiliation, sometimes including the number 511- for the fifth and eleventh letters of the alphabet "E" and "K" - thus standing for the gang intitials "EK." To earn their shields, Kindred members reportedly have to attack someone considered an "enemy" of the gang.

Livingston has pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree robbery and second-degree assault under a negotiated plea arrangement, admitting to the June 11 robbery, as well as to another robbery hours earlier. According to the terms of his deal, in exchange for a 10 year sentence Livingston will testify in the arson case and in the robbery case against Pitra.

A police investigation revealed that Schallock, the woman at the motel with the victim, was part of the robbery scheme. She has pleaded guilty to her role and is cooperating with authorities.

Pitra is awaiting trial.

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