PEN1 Members Charged With Hate Crime in Orange County, California

  • August 18, 2008

Authorities in Orange County arrested three self-professed members of the racist skinhead gang Public Enemy Number One (PEN1) for allegedly harassing and attacking a Hispanic man on July 12, 2008.

Jason Fenstermacher, 27, of Tustin, Keith Hunter, 31, also of Tustin, and Veronica Weber, 49, of Newport Beach, allegedly pulled their vehicle up next to the victim's and gave the "Sieg Heil" Nazi salute, shouted racial slurs, and challenged him to a fight. When the man drove away, the group followed him. When they caught up with him, police said, Fenstermacher and Hunter punched the man through his open car window.

Police originally arrested only Fenstermacher and Hunter, but later decided that Weber, Hunter's girlfriend, was also involved in the attack and secured a warrant for her arrest. 

On July 15, authorities discovered Weber sitting inside the Newport Beach courtroom watching the arraignment of Fenstermacher and Hunter. Law enforcement officers arrested her and took her into custody.

All three face hate crime and street terrorism charges with gang enhancements for their purported involvement with PEN1.

The men are both convicted felons with numerous white supremacist tattoos, including swastikas and the letters PDS (for PEN1 Death Squad, a common PEN1 tattoo).