Prussian Blue: Teen White Power Singing Duo

  • November 11, 2005

Lamb and Lynx Gaede, adolescent twin girls who make up the band Prussian Blue, have gained recognition in white supremacist circles while preteens by singing about preserving the white race and Nazi heroes. Prussian Blue is the name of the blue residue left over by the use of Zyklon B, the poison the Nazis employed to kill millions of Jews and others in concentration camps during World War II.  The two girls learned their white supremacist ideology from their mother, April Gaede, who home schooled them and is their manager.

April Gaede has been active in the white supremacist movement for a number of years, and claims to have grown up in a "racially conscious" home herself.  She first gained attention while a member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance in California.  Gaede vigorously promoted Prussian Blue and the duo became a regular fixture at a variety of white power events, including National Alliance meetings, white power concerts, Holocaust denial events and European cultural festivals where the planners were often not aware of the girls' white supremacist ideology.  In April 2005, April Gaede, along with a number of other members, was expelled from the National Alliance.  She later helped form the National Vanguard, which absorbed many of the chapters that once belonged to the Alliance.  

In 2005, Prussian Blue played at various white supremacist gatherings, including events organized by the National Vanguard.  Most recently the group performed on October 15 at Euro Fest, sponsored by the Phoenix unit of the National Vanguard, and at Hammerfest 2005, a white power festival held this year near Atlanta on October 1-2, which attracted racist skinheads and white supremacists from around the country.  In the same month, they appeared on a nationally televised news magazine show, and received tremendous attention from the mainstream media, both nationally and internationally.