Purported "Anti-Globalization" Web Site Fronts for Neo-Nazi Group

  • July 12, 2002

A new Web site purporting to be an "ad hoc collection of anti-globalism activists" calling itself the Anti-Globalism Action Network (AGAN), appears to be a front for the neo-Nazi National Alliance (NA). The AGAN Web site is promoting the NA by taking what it considers "the bold step" of linking its site to the NA Web site in Canada.

The AGAN first surfaced after it issued a press release predicting a "cycle of violence" at the G8 [Group of Eight leading industrial countries] summit in Kananaskis, Canada in June 2002. The Canadian NA Web site posted an article highlighting the participation by its members in the protests in Kananaskis. The article said the NA enjoyed "some success in reaching out to established anti-globalists." The article goes on to say that the NA "looks forward to the next opportunity" to recruit members "from both ends of the political spectrum." Despite the NA's claims there is no verifiable evidence that NA members actually participated in the demonstrations against the G8, nor were there reports of any serious violence during the meetings. However, over the past several years, dozens of violent crimes, including murders, bombings and robberies, have been traced to NA members or appear to have been inspired by the group's propaganda.

The National Alliance, based in Hillsboro, West Virginia, is the largest and most active neo-Nazi organization in the United States. Led by William Pierce, the stated aim of this group is "to build a better world and a better race" and to create "a new government...answerable to White people only." Although the group was founded in 1974, NA has experienced significant growth in the last decade and has recently focused most of its attention on recruiting young racists through the purchase of white power music companies, such as Resistance Records.

At the same time, the NA has continued its efforts to attract middle-class professionals as part of a dedicated "cadre" willing to carry out the group's goals. By setting up the AGAN Web site and appealing to "anti-globalization" demonstrators, the NA may be trying to recruit unsuspecting "white" activists. Billy Roper, the Deputy Membership Coordinator of the NA based out of the group's headquarters in West Virginia, recently commented on this matter:

"We find that a lot of well-intentioned White youth have been brainwashed by the controlled media and the establishment, and naturally want to rebel, but they understand that the only acceptable form of rebellion (to the establishment) is that which maintains the myth of universal equality. Once they discover that White Nationalists are also anti-capitalist and anti-establishment and pro-environment, and furthermore that the establishment considers biological racism to be antithetical to their hegemony, they begin to understand that we are the true revolutionaries. Most people, by definition, are politically apathetic and inactive. Those who are more idealistic or ideologically inclined make much better prospective recruits than do lemmings."

The NA may also be trying to confuse people. The AGAN Web site is similar to another Web site that includes news and information about G8 related meetings and events. Anthony Phillips, who is listed as the administrative contact of AGAN's Web site, seemed to inflate the NA's role in the "anti-globalization" movement in the group's initial press release, saying, "You'd be surprised at the diversity found within the Anti-globalism movement. The active participation of one organization in particular should send shock-waves throughout the establishment, as they break all the stereotypes of the anti-globalism movement being strictly a preserve of the traditional radical-left."

It should be noted that hate groups have been interested in the "anti-globalization" movement at least since 1999, during the "battle in Seattle," where demonstrators shut down the World Trade Organizations (WTO) meetings. For instance, Louis Beam, a leading white supremacist who has been active in groups from the Ku Klux Klan to Aryan Nations, commented on the "anti-globalization" movement on his Web site after the demonstrations against the WTO. Beam compared "some in the so called rightwing" that "sit at home and talk about waiting for the Police State to 'come and get them,'" to the "really brave" Seattle demonstrators that "have been out confronting the Police State" and "bravely facing the guns of the New World Order."

Matt Hale, leader of the white supremacist World Church of the Creator, said that he considered the demonstrations in Seattle "incredibly successful from the point of view of the rioters as well as our Church. They helped shut down talks of the Jew World Order WTO and helped make a mockery of the Jewish Occupational Government around the world. Bravo." Some observers claim to have spotted Hale in Seattle.

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