Racist Prison Gang Indicted on Drug and Organized Crime Charges

  • March 30, 2004

On March 24, 2004, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Odessa, Texas, announced that 29 members of the white supremacist prison gang Aryan Circle were indicted on drug and organized crime charges.

After a four-year investigation by the Odessa Police Department and 14 other law enforcement agencies, members of the West Texas branch of the Aryan Circle were charged with manufacturing 33 pounds of methamphetamine and with "continuing criminal enterprise," which accuses the group of organized crime.

Of those served with indictments, 23 were already in custody in area jails. Five members were served with indictments on March 23, and the last member was arrested two days later in Houston.

U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton said that members "used SOS, which means 'Smash on Sight,' as intimidation to get people to make methamphetamine for them."

The Aryan Circle was founded in the mid-1980s in the Texas prison system. Although it describes itself as a "white family that advocates the betterment and advancement of the white race," its primary purpose, according to the indictment, is to "promote, facilitate and further the criminal activities of its members and associates." It has also been involved in recent years in a violent gang war with the Texas Aryan Brotherhood, a rival racist prison gang.

For more on racist prison gangs see Dangerous Convictions, ADL's report on extremist activities in America's prisons.


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