Texas Man Linked to Racist Skinhead Group Sentenced to 19 Years

  • April 8, 2005


A man with ties to a neo-Nazi skinhead group has been sentenced to 19 years in prison for brutally assaulting another man in Deep Ellum, Texas. 

Jesse Chaddock, 30, was found guilty on April 4, 2005, two days before his sentencing, of engaging in organized criminal activity for his role in assaulting David Cuniff, who was left partially paralyzed.  Chaddock slammed Cuniff’s head into a concrete floor last July after a concert at the Gypsy Tea Room, according to prosecutors.

Prosecutors alleged that Chaddock’s ties to the neo-Nazi Confederate Hammerskins contributed to the attack.  While Chaddock said he left the group in 2001, during the trial, the prosecution played a 2003 Internet radio interview with Chaddock and Sean Tarrant, who helped found the Confederate Hammerskins in Dallas in the late 1980s.  A Dallas County Assistant District Attorney also said that Chaddock boasted about being a member of the group.

The Confederate Hammerskins, the first Hammerskin group, spawned the Hammerskin Nation, the most violent and best-organized neo-Nazi skinhead group in the United States.  A number of its members have been convicted of harassing, beating or murdering minorities. 

Chaddock will be eligible for parole in nine years.


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