Think Security: Start with Leadership

  • September 10, 2012

The leadership of your institution should begin by creating a security plan. To do this it is necessary to analyze the risks and realities of your institution and create a security plan ­­ seeking professional guidance if needed. ADL has published material to help you through this process.

Once the plan is written, make sure that all leaders, employees and constituents know it and implement it. No one plan works for everyone, but depending on your institution, you may wish to:

  • Have the number for calling the police readily available ­­ and have a cell phone to use to call them from outside your facility in an emergency.
  • Designate a security manager who is accountable for implementing the plan, and make sure everyone is trained to implement the plan ­­ especially those who know the building best, your maintenance personnel.
  • Have a plan to notify and, if necessary, evacuate everyone in your facility in an emergency. Designate a meeting point to ensure that everyone is safe.
  • Regularly inspect your building so you can quickly ascertain if something is amiss and help law enforcement if there is a problem.
  • Get to know local law enforcement ­­ and get them to know you, before there is trouble. Invite local police officers to use your gym, to join you for an oneg or to visit your building and get to know it.
  • Use the security devices you already have. Ensure that security devices are functioning, that outdoor lighting is working, that windows and fence lines are kept clear of bushes, and that access to your building is appropriately limited consistent with fire codes.
  • Leaders must make sure that security is part of an institution's culture. When planning or participating in events, everyone must think security.

For additional materials and for our comprehensive Security Awareness Manual, contact your local ADL Regional Office.