U.S. Anti-Semites Take Up Palestinian Cause

  • April 25, 2002

White supremacists and anti-Semites have become the latest example of the old adage, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." They have been capitalizing on the crisis situation in the Middle East to further their own goals, allying themselves with the Palestinian cause -- not because they like Palestinians, but because they have in common an intense loathing of Jews and the State of Israel.

Right-wing extremists routinely praise the Palestinians as brave and heroic and indicate their support for the suicide bombers. They often draw parallels between the Palestinian war against the so-called "Israeli occupiers" and their war against what they perceive as an American "Jewish Occupied Government." Some have expressed the hope that the war Palestinians are waging against the Jews will be replicated here by white supremacist groups wanting to rid the U.S. of Jews.

Although these groups and individuals had been sympathetic to the Palestinians before the current escalation, their views are now expressed more virulently. This has been an ongoing trend ever since the renewed Palestinian violence began in Israel. Last year, Matt Hale, leader of the white supremacist World Church of the Creator, called for supporters to ally themselves with Palestinians to fight their common enemy, the Jews.

It intensified even further when these groups began blaming Israel for the September 11 attacks. Numerous similar examples have appeared on the Web sites, e-mail lists and printed propaganda materials of these hate groups.

Expressions of Support

  • Holocaust denier David Irving, in an April 16, 2002 diary entry posted to his Web site, praised the "suicidal heroism" of the "Arab world" and called Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon a "terrorist."
  • In an April 10, 2002 press release, white supremacist Matt Hale described suicide bombing as "an obviously effective technique that courageous Palestinians in their determination to expel the Jewish invader of their lands have decided to employ." According to Hale, a suicide bomber "is simply an individual who has decided that his people are worth more than his own life." Hale declared - yet again - that World Church of the Creator supports the "Palestinian war of liberation from the Israeli occupiers."
  • Women for Aryan Unity in California posted information on the Palestinian violence to their list the week of April 17, 2002, along with a link to a 14-page report on the history of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, described as "good reading" and "very informative," appearing on a pro-Palestinian Web site. The posting concludes, "America's Intifada time is near. Let's Shake 'em off.”
  • In an April 12, 2002 address, David Duke railed against "Jewish Supremacist Chutzpah," declaring that "Now we know that criticizing Israel is quote 'anti-Semitism' and thus is morally equivalent to the so-called holocaust in Nazi Germany."
  • The neo-Nazi National Alliance continues to encourage its members to distribute literature at anti-Israel rallies and protests organized by left-wing groups. The group is attempting to tap into left-wing sympathies by comparing Israeli policies to Apartheid, racism, and by comparing Ariel Sharon to Adolf Hitler.