Utah White Supremacist Sentenced for Federal Hate Crimes

  • December 20, 2007

A federal judge in Utah sentenced Travis D. Massey, 30, of Salt Lake City, to 57 months in prison followed by a federal supervised release for 36 months. Massey is a former leader of the Salt Lake City unit of the West Virginia-based neo-Nazi group National Alliance.

Massey was sentenced on December 14, 2007, following the April conviction of Massey and his two co-defendants Shaun Walker, 39, and Eric Egbert, 23, for the racially motivated beating of a Mexican-American bartender at a bar in Salt Lake City in 2002. The men yelled racial slurs, and then pulled the victim outside where they beat him to the ground.

Walker is the former chairman of the National Alliance and Egbert was a member of the Salt Lake City unit.

All three were also convicted of conspiracy to interfere with civil rights, and interference with a federally protected activity as part of a plan to intimidate non-whites in Salt Lake City.

Keith Cotter, another former National Alliance member, testified that he and the three defendants beat the bartender because he was not white, and that he and Massey also assaulted a Native-American man at another Salt Lake City bar in March 2003 because he too was not white.

On Aug. 13, 2007, Walker was sentenced to an 87-month term of imprisonment followed by three years of supervised release, and Egbert was sentenced to 42 months of imprisonment followed by three years of supervised release.