Virginia Neo-Nazi Faces Federal Charges

  • October 23, 2008


Authorities in Roanoke have arrested Bill White, head of the Virginia-based neo-Nazi group American National Socialist Workers Party (ANSWP), for posting on-line the name and home address of the jury foreperson who served in the murder solicitation trial of another white supremacist.

Federal agents arrested White, head of the ANSWP, a small offshoot of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement (NSM), on October 17, 2008, and charged him with obstruction of justice, for the "attempted use, or threatened use of force…" against the juror.

On September 11, 2008, White posted the name, address, birth date, place of work, home, cell and office phone numbers, along with a photograph of the juror, on his Web site in an article headlined "Gay Jewish Anti-Racist Led Jury." The article referred to the 2004 Illinois federal jury that convicted Matt Hale leader of the white supremacist group then called the World Church of the Creator (now called Creativity Movement),  of soliciting his head of security to kill a Chicago judge who had recently ruled against him in a trademark infringement case.  In 2005, a federal judge sentenced Hale to 40 years in prison.  In his article, White blamed the jury foreperson for the verdict in Hale's trial, alleging that he had played a "leading role" in inciting "both the conviction and the harsh sentence that followed." 

While executing a search warrant at White's office on October 10, federal agents seized computers and files related to his Web site.  According to authorities, the warrant covered any documents, photos, or other information that could show White's possible "intent to intimidate or injure persons whose personal information has been posted."

White's Web site has since been shut down.

This is not the first instance in which White has posted the personal information of perceived enemies on his Web site. In response to the racial and community tensions in Jena, Louisiana, in 2007, White posted the addresses and phone numbers of the “Jena 6” (the six African-American teenagers criminally charged with assaulting a White teen shortly after a noose was found hanging from a tree on the high school grounds) on his Web site, under the title "Lynch the Jena 6." He also stated in the post that, "if these ni—ers are released or acquitted, we'll mail directions to their homes to every white man in Louisiana if we have to in order to find someone willing to deliver justice."

In a preview of the September 2008 issue of White's magazine National Socialist which he posted to his Web site in early October, White reiterates his comments about the juror and features a cover image of Barack Obama with swastika-styled cross hairs on his head and the headline, Kill this Ni--er?  In a post later made on his site, White stated that in response to the picture, federal agents were following his every move and questioning his neighbors and employees.  He claimed to be waiting to meet with a "law enforcement abuse specialist" to lodge a formal complaint against the agents.