Weapons Cache Seized from Extremist's Home

  • November 4, 2004

Federal authorities seized a variety of weapons from an Oregon extremist's home, including a .50 caliber machine gun.  The machine gun, powerful enough to shoot down aircraft, was aimed at the street through a window in the extremist's home.  Police also confiscated over a hundred marijuana plants.

Jason Laureno, 29, of Beaverton, Oregon, was initially charged in federal court with carrying a firearm in relation to a drug-trafficking crime.  On October 29, 2004, authorities removed more than two dozen machine guns and automatic weapons, including a second .50 caliber machine gun.

According to Laureno's father, Laureno was a "Constitutionalist," a term used to refer to members of the sovereign citizen movement and other extreme right-wing anti-government movements.  Laureno was also involved with the Militia of Montana, helping to man a booth at gun shows.  He put anti-United Nations signs up at his home as well.

Authorities say that Laureno told an undercover ATF agent that he earned money by growing marijuana and that he had machine guns.  A federal grand jury may charge him with additional crimes.

Laureno's .50 caliber machine guns, which were registered with the ATF, are legal, but 13 other fully automatic weapons seized from Laureno's house are not, according to the ATF.. Laureno's arsenal included an AK-47 with armor piercing ammunition, Uzi and MAC-10 submachine guns, a belt-fed machine gun, and five silencers.

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