What Others Are Saying About Making Diversity Count®

  • March 26, 2014

"Everyone who is involved with people who are not 'just like themselves' should take this course. It never hurts to isolate personal biases and prejudices before they hurt someone intentionally or unintentionally."

"I am ecstatic to have completed the course. I feel as though I have grown as a person by doing this and I totally appreciate the opportunity to participate in this pilot."

"This was a real learning experience! I loved that I could do this in the privacy of my home. It was very relaxing and enlightening. I have printed off all of the materials and I am looking forward to 'Making Diversity Count' in my classroom! Thanks!"

"The course is very well structured, moving from general theory on diversity and multiculturalism in education to specific 'real life' scenarios. Such a balance is important, as all educators need to be well versed in theoretical perspectives on multicultural education, but they crave the practical application of that theory. The program reinforced the importance of diversity training for all faculty, staff and administrators."

"The course is designed to engage teachers by presenting real and interesting scenarios that truly challenged the way I think about and approach diversity in my classroom. Diversity should 'count' and for me this course has helped me examine my own teaching and provide tangible ways to make it count. I have and will use strategies and lessons in each of my sophomore, junior, and senior English classes."

"Teachers participating in the online course receive tools and curricula they can put to use in the classroom right away, develop strategies to prevent name-calling and bullying, effectively work with diverse student groups and receive interdisciplinary lesson plans."

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