White supremacist abandons show after accusations of informing

  • January 17, 2008

On January 9, 2008, white supremacist Hal Turner informed subscribers to his Internet radio show that he had "grown weary" of the "battle" to raise money for the show and that he was not only terminating the show, he was separating from the "pro-White movement."    Turner had threatened to cancel his show before, but this time he told listeners that he would no longer involve himself "in any aspect" of the white supremacist movement.  What Turner did not tell his audience is that his site had been hacked earlier in the month and a neo-Nazi Website had posted material reportedly found by the hackers, including alleged exchanges between himself and law enforcement agents that indicated that Turner had been providing information to them.

Since the early 2000s when Turner became active in the white supremacist movement, he has used his show as a platform to advocate violence against officials and various ethnic groups.  On numerous occasions, he suggested that political leaders, including the President, U.S. Senators and Congressmen, as well as federal judges be assassinated.  On June 15, 2007, Turner asked, "Where is Lee Harvey Oswald now that America needs him most?  I pray to God for the 'John F. Kennedy solution' to the Bush Presidency."

In 2007, Turner was particularly angry at U.S. Senators who supported the immigration reform bill for undocumented immigrants that went before Congress.  On an October 24th radio broadcast, he stated that "one or more of these 44…defiant U.S. Senators needs to get cracked in the skull with a baseball bat."  About a week later, on October 30, Turner implied that Senator Henry Reid should be killed for supporting the bill and then gloated that a previous comment on his show suggesting that a judge "was worthy of being killed" had resulted in the brutal murder of members of her family. Turner stated, "The killer ultimately took his own life rather than be arrested, so there was no way to ever know if I actually influenced him to kill. Do we really have to test that possibility again? I'd rather not; but I recognize doing so is a tool available to me."

Turner reveled in promoting violence, especially against undocumented workers from Mexico.  In June 2007, while talking about undocumented immigrants, he commented, "There's going to be a lot of violence in this country and there's going to be a lot of bloodshed… I advocate violence as a means, and I advocate the use of violence as a tool…Violence solves everything… I've done it. It works, and I encourage you to do it. We need a lot more violence to straighten up America."  In 2006, he wrote, "These people are sub-human. I would love it if folks who do have such weapons, used them on the crowds on April 10 [at immigration rallies]. I advocate machine gunning these invaders to death at their rallies!"

He also directed his ire against other groups.  On November 9, 2007, he encouraged his audience to crack open the skulls of "Jews and other non–Christians who go "after Christmas seasonal celebrations." Turner commented:

We don't want to have to show up at anyones [sic] house as they're coming home or leaving, to beat the hell out of them on their own front lawn; we don't want to have to grab anyone on their lunch break at work and break their legs, crack their skull open with a baseball bat, or burn down their home or office. We certainly don't want to have to take up sniper positions outside quiet residential areas in the dark of night with high powered rifles and put a rifle shot through anyone resting comfortably in their home.

Two years earlier, in 2005, Turner stated on his show that "Christians should be rounding up jews [sic] and killing them here in America.  We should bomb their Synagogues, burn down their Yeshivas and violently attack them on the street and in their places of business."

Turner's activities went beyond his radio show.  In August 2007, he organized a rally in Kalamazoo, Michigan, against "black crime/terrorism" in the city.  In his speech there, he said, "I've come here today to tell the criminal hoodlums of this city that since all the social programs have failed, that we are prepared to go back to what worked in the 1950's, and if they don't rein in their criminal behavior, we will start lynching Blacks in this city this year!"  He also was a speaker at Nordic Fest, a white power concert sponsored by the Imperial Klans of America in Kentucky in May 2007, and had given a speech in Knoxville, Tennessee, a few days earlier at a rally protesting a young white couple's murder, reportedly by a group of black men, where he also suggested a return to lynching.

In fact, in fall 2007, Turner began selling a noose on his Website in response to the publicity and protests surrounding the Jena 6 case, in which six black youths were charged with attempted murder for allegedly beating a white classmate at a high school in Jena, Louisiana. The beating happened after a series of racially charged incidents took place, including one where white students hung a noose from a tree at the high school. In advertising this hateful symbol of lynching, Turner wrote, "Great conversation piece…Hang one of these in YOUR town - or better yet on a tree in YOUR yard! The Black 'Race-Hustlers' can't protest these things everywhere, so let's show them what we really think about Black Crime and their disgusting rallies to support the 6 black thugs in Jena, LA.! Great for the home, office, local schoolyard . . . . . anywhere uppity blacks are a problem!"

Allegations that Turner is an informant are disturbing considering the fact that Turner's rhetoric has bumped up against, if not crossed, the line of speech protected by the First Amendment.