White Supremacist Arrested for Virginia Synagogue Vandalism

  • August 13, 2009

Officers with the Norfolk Police Department arrested a white supremacist for vandalizing numerous Virginia synagogues in April 2009.

On August 9, 2009, officers arrested John Edward Grogan, 29, formerly of Florida, and more recently of Waynesboro, Virginia.

Grogan has numerous visible tattoos, including the white supremacist acronym ROA, which stands for "race over all" and is the slogan of Volksfront, a neo-Nazi group most prominent in the Pacific Northwest, but which has expanded on the East Coast in recent years. Volksfront's Virginia unit was upgraded from probationary status to full chapter status in August 2008.

The letter "O" in the ROA tattoo was created using the white supremacist version of the Celtic Cross.  Below it is the number 28, a numeric code for the racist skinhead group Blood & Honour, which is closely associated with Volksfront.

Grogan is charged with two counts of injuries to a church with the intent to instill fear or intimidation because of religion and/or ethnic origin, and two charges of conspiring to commit a felony, for allegedly defacing the synagogues with white supremacist stickers depicting racist and anti-Semitic images.

The stickers were discovered on April 17, leading police to believe they may have been placed there to commemorate the April 20 birthday of Adolf Hitler.

According to law enforcement, Grogan, along with yet unnamed additional suspects, was caught on video placing the stickers on a synagogue.

Grogan has a lengthy criminal history dating back to at least 1999. He has served prison time for numerous convictions in Florida, including aggravated assault, drug possession, burglary, trafficking in stolen property, grand theft motor vehicle, and eluding police.



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