White Supremacist Arrested in Pittsburgh Shooting

  • August 9, 2004

White supremacist Hardy Lloyd was arrested in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for allegedly shooting his girlfriend to death. 

Lloyd, 26, head of the Pittsburgh chapter of the World Church of the Creator from 2001 to 2003, was arraigned at the Allegheny County coroner’s office on homicide charges on August 6, 2004. Police indicate that while in custody Lloyd admitted shooting his girlfriend, Lori Hann, who had threatened to break up with him.

According to police, Lloyd said that he shot Hann when she tried to run away after an argument between the two in her car. Hann’s body was discovered on the porch of a home in Squirrel Hill with a gunshot wound to her head on August 3, 2004. 

After Matt Hale was arrested in January 2003 and charged with plotting to kill a federal judge, Lloyd tried to assume a bigger leadership position in the former World Church of the Creator (WCOTC), now known as the Creativity Movement. In February 2003, Lloyd announced that the days of “memberships and street rallies” were drawing to an end and that “the time of the LONE WOLF is drawing ever nearer.” 

After claiming to have left Hale’s group in April 2003, Lloyd tried to set up other hate groups, although he never attracted a significant following. In August 2003, he began promoting a new “religion” called “The Order of Melkorism,” which blended Creativity and other white supremacist religious theories. He later named himself the head of the National Socialist American Workers Party, modeled after the Nazi Party. In March 2004, Lloyd promoted the Order of National Socialism whose motto was “Wake up and Kill Someone.” 

Lloyd promoted his various groups on a number of anti-Semitic and racist Web sites, which advocated violence against non-whites and law enforcement. On one of his now-defunct Web sites, Lloyd described himself as an “ordained Minister in the religion called Creativity” and “the Doctor of all Hate.” 

Several of Lloyd’s Web sites currently link directly to Tom Metzger’s White Aryan Resistance Web site.

A preliminary hearing for Lloyd, who also has a history of mental health problems, is scheduled for August 13.

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