White Supremacist Derek Black Wants to Maintain Republican Seat

  • December 4, 2008

Republican Party officials in Palm Beach, Florida, refused to recognize a white supremacist's election to a local party position at a December 3, 2008, meeting. Despite his youth, 19-year-old Derek Black, who was elected as a Republican Party committeeman in August 2008, has been involved in the white supremacist movement for a decade.  His most recent appearance at a white supremacist was on November 8, when he was a keynote speaker at a conference sponsored by former Klan leader and anti-Semite David Duke and his organization EURO (European American Unity and Rights Organization) in Memphis, Tennessee.  A number of white supremacists, including Derek's father, former Klansman Don Black, racist radio show host James Edwards and Canadian racist Paul Fromm also attended the conference. 

In his speech at the conference, Derek made it cleat that he was following in the footsteps of the racist leaders who came before him.  He repeatedly referred to white supremacists David Duke, Don Black and others who had spoken at the same EURO conference as "titans." He also commented, "I have never lived in a country that I consider a white country… I've never enjoyed the good golden bag of privilege [that goes along with being white]."

Derek talked about "infiltrating" the Republican Party for the sake of representing his pro-white views: "We could infiltrate [the Republican Party]… by getting into it in our own positions… there are thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of white people who understand that they are losing representation."  He also claimed that he successfully campaigned by going house to house and talking to voters about "immigration" and "affirmative action,"  hot button issues that white supremacists often exploit in order to appeal to a wider audience.

Derek Black developed his racist views from his parents, especially his father.  In addition to running Stormfront, the largest and most popular white supremacist Web site in the world, Don Black is a former Klan leader.  He served a three-year federal prison term for attempting to overthrow the government of the small Caribbean island of Dominica, for which he was convicted in 1981. Derek's mother, Chloe Black, was once married to David Duke.

In 2003, at age 14, on the Introduction page to "Stormfront for Kids," Derek wrote "White people are taught in school to be ashamed of their heritage…All the great white accomplishments throughout history are diminished. Therefore, I think that now is the time that all of the white people across the globe should rise above the lies and be proud of who we are."

By his teen years, Derek had taken an active role in those conferences. In February 2008 and February 2006, he attended the white supremacist American Renaissance conferences. In 2007 and June 2006, Derek attended the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens national conferences where he entertained guests with his music. In 2005, he was listed as one of the attendees at another white supremacist conference hosted by David Duke and EURO in New Orleans.  Hundreds of white supremacists, including neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers attended that conference.

In August 2007, he attended and reported on the Knights Party Congress, held by long-time Klan leader Thom Robb, and broadcast the event live on Stormfront radio. He now co-hosts a white supremacist show with David Duke on Stormfront radio.

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