White Supremacist Group Fined $1,000 a Day

  • May 1, 2003

The racist and anti-Semitic World Church of the Creator, known as the Creativity Movement since it lost a trademark lawsuit in 2002, has been ordered by a federal judge in Chicago to pay a fine of $1,000 for each day it continues to violate the trademark case decision.

In an order issued April 24, U.S. District Court Judge Joan Lefkow said that the Creativity Movement had not complied with a prior injunction to stop using the name "World Church of the Creator" and was in contempt of court. She also directed that the group's Web sites be shut down until all trademarked terms are removed from them.

Members of the Creativity Movement, as well as their supporters worldwide, expressed anger. "This is blatant discrimination!" wrote an Australian Creativity adherent to a Creativity Internet message board. "It has all the hallmarks of being a Kike conspiracy to weasel that extra five cents out of the White Man, while telling him that he is doing this for the good of the White Race!"

An Illinois follower proclaimed that "I'll laugh if I ever get fined $1000.00. I spit in the eye of the Jew vermin."

Shortly thereafter, the main Web site for the World Church of the Creator was shut down. "You can thank the jews [sic] for making us waste our time and taking our money," its maintainers explained. "We would mention the people who forced us to redo this site, but they would probably bring us to court because we mentioned their name without their permission."

Other extremists have volunteered ways to help the Creativity Movement communicate its racist message despite the judge's order. Bill White, the owner of the anti-Semitic Overthrow.com Web site, announced in response to the order that he would host some of the Creativity Movement's materials. White put downloadable versions of two Creativity books, "Nature's Eternal Religion" and "The White Man's Bible," on his Web site.

Judge Lefkow also ordered that the Creativity Movement relinquish its membership list, a move that will certainly cause dismay among members who fear exposure. For many, this will be a bigger concern than the $1,000 per day fine.

Matt Hale, leader of the Creativity Movement, is currently in prison awaiting trial on charges of soliciting the murder of Judge Lefkow.