White Supremacist Guilty of Brutal Las Vegas Stabbing Murder

  • March 5, 2004

On March 3, 2004, the Clark County District Court in Las Vegas sentenced white supremacist Anthony Prentice to life in prison without parole for brutally murdering a fifty-eight-year-old driving instructor.

Prosecutors said that in September 2002, Prentice, 20, and his friend, James "Evil" Harrison, 22, stabbed Dan Miller 128 times, beat him with a blunt object and then carved a swastika in his back.

Prentice, serving five years probation for his role in an uprising at the Summit View Youth Correctional Center in 2001, met Miller in early 2002 and was living with him at the time. Authorities said that Harrison may have participated in the attack to "earn" lightning bolt tattoos. He will be tried for his alleged role in Miller's murder in June.

During his own trial, Prentice testified that he does not like Jews and blacks and that the white race should be separated from all other races. He also said that he attended Aryan Nations camps and that he is a "minister" in the racist and anti-Semitic pseudo-religion known as the Creativity Movement .

Dan Long, a Las Vegas Homicide Detective who drove Prentice to the police station after his arrest, testified that Prentice claimed that the "National Socialist Regime" was responsible for the "swastika on his forehead or [Miller's] back." At that time, Prentice also told police that he was a member of the Hammerskins, a violent white supremacist skinhead gang.