White Supremacist Helps Student Group Raise Money

  • April 22, 2011

White supremacist Jared Taylor is trying to raise money for a far-right campus organization, Youth for Western Civilization (YWC), which has a presence on about a dozen campuses nationwide. It is no surprise that Taylor, the editor of the white supremacist publication American Renaissance, would be an enthusiastic supporter of YWC. The group shares Taylor's view about the alleged dissolution of white, European culture in America today. And YWC is receiving direct help from Taylor—he and the group joined forces in April 2011 to create a fund-raising packet that Taylor mailed to his supporters on YWC's behalf.

YWC members see themselves as waging a modern crusade to save "Western" culture from a host of perceived enemies whom they believe threaten its very foundation—and the biggest threats for YWC are multiculturalists and supporters of diversity. The group claims that whites have lost their place in America and that non-whites and other "victim groups" are controlling the discourse of the country, while painting whites in a negative way.

Taylor is a strong supporter of YWC because of his own racist convictions. He introduces race as a crucial issue in his fund-raising letter for YWC by writing, "Race is an important aspect of individual and group identity. Of all the fault lines that divide society—language, religion, class, ideology—it is the most prominent and divisive. Race and racial conflict are at the heart of the most serious challenges the western world faces in the 21st century."

Taylor tells his readers that now "is the time to stand up and defend our culture and our heritage against those who seek to destroy what you and I should be proud of." He informs his supporters that he recently learned of the Youth for Western Civilization and that he believes "a group like this comes along once in a generation and it is up to each one of us to ensure its overwhelming success." Taylor argues that YWC is "standing up for our culture on college campuses across the nation" and that the group is the only one bringing this message to young people at universities.

After lauding YWC, Taylor turns his attention to Kevin DeAnna, who founded the group in 2006. Taylor says that DeAnna "knows how important our cultural identity is," and then pins his future hopes on DeAnna by asserting, "[DeAnna] has agreed to continue our struggle on college campuses throughout the nation and dedicated himself to reaching our children and grandchildren."

In fact, YWC is hoping to recruit more young people into the group. It plans to hold its first national conference June 17-19, 2011, in Washington, DC. In a blog post to the YWC Web site, DeAnns writes that YWC is offering free food and lodging to attendees. He asserts, "All the work we have been doing over the last couple of years will come together at this conference. It will be YWC's real birth as a national organization with a support structure to build and maintain at campuses all around the country."

In DeAnna's own letter to Taylor's constituents, he assures them that their support would enable chapters to grow, bring in more members, and help them "gain a solid foothold on the campus." DeAnna adds that he is asking them "to invest in the future of our nation by supporting students willing to defend western culture" and asserts that "they literally have no other advocate to help them on their college campus."