White Supremacist Sentenced for Bank Robberies

  • September 6, 2007


A U.S. District Judge in Utah sentenced Jeremiah “Jay” Vaughn Gregory to 20 years in prison for robbing a Salt Lake City bank in May 2005.  Gregory, 51, claimed he robs banks in an effort to overthrow the government and create an all-white homeland.     

While representing himself at his Utah trial, Gregory argued that his crime was politically justified because he was allegedly robbing the banks to finance a plan to overthrow the government and “save” America from non-whites and immigrants.  Gregory claims to be a member of The Order, the infamous white supremacist terrorist organization that carried out armed robberies, assassinations and other crimes during the 1980s, and vowed to continue his “racial holy war.” 

The Order collapsed in the mid-1980s after all of its members were arrested or killed.  Gregory was not one of its members.

The August 23, 2007, sentencing comes after 12 minutes of jury deliberations earlier this summer leading to Gregory’s conviction for bank robbery.

The term will run consecutively with a 20-year sentence imposed in November 2005 by a federal judge in Montana after Gregory pleaded guilty to bank robbery by intimidation for robbing a Missoula bank in May 2005 with a fake handgun and a fake bomb he threatened to detonate.

Gregory explained to the jury in his Utah trial that he supports a "10% Solution" in which the states of Utah, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana would secede from the United States and form an independent and homogeneous “racially pure” white homeland.

After the sentencing Gregory said he would continue to take violent action against the government, and reportedly stated to the judge, "you will not escape the wrath you so rightfully deserve…be assured there will be retribution," and further that he would like to "visit revenge to [his] doorstep," but will leave that to others.