White Supremacists Guilty of Killing Homeless Man in Nevada

  • September 8, 2008


Two white supremacists pleaded guilty to stomping a homeless man to death in Reno, Nevada.

On August 27, 2008, Christopher Michael Maciolek, 20, also known as "E-Smoke," and Finley Byrdette Fultz, 19, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter for the beating death of a homeless man in September 2007.

Maciolek and Fultz approached the sleeping 55-year-old homeless man in a downtown Reno park.  According to authorities, the men announced that they were "Aryan soldiers," then kicked and stomped the victim repeatedly in the head and torso while yelling "white pride."  The men fled after a homeless woman hit Fultz in the head with a tree branch.

The homeless man was able to walk a short distance for help, but collapsed and later died at the hospital.

The investigation turned to Maciolek and Fultz when the men allegedly bragged to friends about their actions after seeing media coverage of the incident.

According to the District Attorney's Office prosecuting the case, the two men compared the attack to kicking a soccer ball.

Authorities suspect the pair of attacking at least two other homeless men later that evening, but those victims would not press charges.

The men each face up to ten years in prison at their October 2008 sentencing.





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