White Supremacists Inject Anti-Semitic Vitriol into Nomination Debate

  • June 16, 2009

In the wake of President Obama's nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the United States Supreme Court, white supremacists and anti-Semites responded by claiming that alleged Jewish power was responsible for her nomination and previous career success. They also employed anti-Semitic stereotypes to argue that Sotomayor is herself Jewish, or as one person suggested, a "cryptojew."

Extremists constantly exploit current events, like Sotomayor's nomination, to demonize non-whites and, especially, Jews. They have capitalized on the Sotomayor nomination to characterize Jews as conspirators seeking world domination, having secretly orchestrated the appointment. Extremists also attempted to reinforce the common claim that Jews are seeking to destroy the white race, and they cited Sotomayor's Latino heritage as just another step in that process.

In one post, an individual predicted that Sotomayor's future activity on the Supreme Court will prompt white people to "get wise" and take up arms to "bring down ZOG." (ZOG refers to the "Zionist Occupied Government," a phrase used by anti-Semites to suggest that the Jewish people are engaged in a conspiracy to control government bodies, the media, and financial institutions.)

What follows are statements and images posted to white supremacist Web sites which represent the extremist sentiment concerning Sonia Sotomayor:

Posts to the white supremacist Stormfront Internet forum:

  • "Soon the entire government will be like this, Whites will have zero say and no leaders of their own, and the eternal zionist dream of destroying the White Race will be achieved. Unless, of course, the White Race decides to do something about it."
  • "…this isn't about qualifications, but race. This is Zog and multiculturalism 101. It gets worse with each administration and each passing year. Reagan appoints the "first" woman, Sandra Day-O'Connor. HW Bush appoints the "first" Black, Clarence Thomas. Clinton appoints the "first" Jewess, Ruth Bader-Ginsberg. See the pattern? You let the jew in and rot grows and grows. Who's the loser in all of this? Whites and White interests." [emphasis in original]
  • "I was actually surprised to hear she was hispanic [sic] as Sotomayor sounds more jewish to me. She looks very jewish as well. I'm going to jump to conclusions and say…she's a cryptojew."

Reader comments posted to the Vanguard News Network, a neo-Nazi news site:

  • "And don't worry, Jews, the mestiza Sotomayor will do your bidding…in order to prove her fealty to you, her handlers and masters."
  • "Why would jews be worried? They own Obama, the Democrats and are behind the appointment of the left-wing White male-hating spic."
  • "How the (expletive deleted) did that Puerto Rican princess Sotomayor get into Princeton? I mean, she was just another welfare spic from the Bronx…Sotomayor was obviously chosen by the Jews at Princeton to fulfill a quota. Then the Jews at some NY law firm hired her to be their token spicarina, and so on…I can't wait to see what kind of f#cked-up opinions she issues from the Supreme Court Bench. I'll bet they're really insane, using all the tortured and twisted Jew-logic they taught her at Princeton."
  • "The ZOG continues to plug in 'people' who hate Euro-Americans. Keep it up ZOG, guns and ammo are still flying off the Shelves for a damn good reason! Revolution is in the air."
  • "The jew is not content to rule over us, they are now sadistically ripping apart the nation at warp speed…We're long past the time for justifiable retaliation."

The neo-Nazi VNN Forum was home to an anti-Semitic discussion about whether Sotomayor is herself Jewish. One individual ran a "check through a few indexes he use[s] for jude names" for Sotomayor. Other comments on the VNN Forum included:

  • "This gargoyle looks to be Puerto-Rican jewess…"
  • "After she outright, and openly, destroys the lives of hundreds, or thousands, of White families from the bench, some percentage of Whites will finally get wise…It would take a lot less than 20 million IED planters and AK-47 ambushers to bring down ZOG [Zionist Occupied Government] for good."
  • "She's from the Bronx, where a lot of Jews come from, so that would be a reason to sound jewy. But on TV she reminds me so much of Roseanne Barr, a jewess from Utah. She has some negroid I think in her eyes, but I agree, she looks like a Jew and that is…most simple explanation… because she is a Jew."
  • "heh, this creature had better be part kike or the jews' Head Chimp can expect retribution a little further on it's path as the first ni--er 'celebrity' president. However, the choice is in keeping with the jew's full on and overt attack/destruction of what's left of America. Republicratic communism in action."

Anti-Semitic figure Curt Maynard also advanced the claim that Sotomayor might be Jewish and couched his allegation in anti-Semitic language.

  • Maynard entitled a blog entry "Is Sonia Sotomayor a Jew, Jewish, Jewess? The Jewish Community Sure Loves Her." He then highlighted selected statements in a Jewish Telegraphic Agency article to underscore Sotomayor's Jewish ties and support she received from Jewish organizations." Maynard also wrote, "Jews are good about leaving little evidence behind, but you can bet that Sotomayor is kosher approved, or she wouldn't have been picked."

In response to Maynard's blog post, readers posted comments, which included:

  • "She even looks to have JEW in her, which is difficult to hide."
  • "She's got those Ashkenazi eyes."
  • "The omission of the father's identity, coupled with her facial features and general acculturation to things Jewish says quite a bit. She certainly has all the features of a perfect Jew tool…I sense kosher vibes too. I remember that the stereotypical way a Bronx-bred person talks is overwhelmingly Jewish…"

In addition to the allegations that the nomination was a part of an alleged Jewish conspiracy and that Sotomayor is herself Jewish, extremists attacked her Latino heritage and went further to portray all minorities as "the scum of the earth." Additionally, white supremacists and anti-Semites claimed that Sotomayor is a "racist" and will seek to remove power from white people as a justice. Another comment referred to Sotomayor as "pro reconquista," with the implication that she is complicit in an alleged plot to forcibly annex the southwestern United States and reattach it to Mexico.

  • "I couldn't agree more that latrinos are the scum of the earth. Just having them in one's living space in significant numbers makes life totally hell. When ya break this Sotomayor bitch down she's pretty much an activist for mud causes." [emphasis in original] From the Stormfront Internet forum
  • An image posted to the Web site of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, along with an article entitled "Obama's whitey-hating judge says all guns should be illegal."
  • "That's what Equality and Diversity are all about - hating white people. And Sotomayor made it clear with this and other rulings that she believes the white man has no rights the law is bound to respect. That's why Obama wants her on the Supreme Court, because she has 'empathy' for minorities, which means hatred of whites."
  • A blog post by white supremacist James Edwards, who hosts the Political Cesspool radio show. The post was entitled "Sotomayor hates white people."
  • "We do not need a pro reconquista racist on the supreme court, especially at this time." A comment to the Web site of American Renaissance, a white supremacist journal
  • National Alliance News, a news site run by the neo-Nazi National Alliance group, featured an article entitled, "Sotomayor Just Another Example Of Obama Stripping White People Of Power."

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