White supremacists sentenced in Missouri racial assault

  • August 17, 2004


The last of five white supremacists who assaulted an African-American man in Springfield, Missouri, were sentenced to prison terms on August 13, 2004.

The five men stabbed and beat Maurice Wilson at a Denny's restaurant in June 2001 after he and another African-American man entered accompanied by two white women.

Steven Heldenbrand received a 32-month sentence for his conviction on federal civil rights charges, while Kenneth Johnsen received a 51-month sentence.  Heldenbrand's sentence was lighter because he had cooperated with authorities and he was the least physically involved in the attack. 

Another defendant, Michael McCormick, who also cooperated, had earlier received a 2-year sentence.  Mark Kooms and Michael Osorio earlier received 51-month sentences.

Heldenbrand was a reputed Klan member, while the other four were members of the Midland Hammerskins, a racist skinhead group.

The five were also convicted on state charges related to the assault.