White Supremacists Threaten Officials and Other Targets

  • October 3, 2005


White supremacist Hal Turner has continued to make menacing statements towards groups he perceives as enemies, which include federal and local officials, law enforcement officers, illegal aliens and Jews, at whom he directs his most vicious invective. Since the spring of 2005, Turner has urged the listeners of his Internet radio show and his Web site to target federal judges and law enforcement officials and to brutally beat and murder illegal aliens. He has also advocated torturing and killing Jews and attacking yeshivas.  Turner has been able to use the Internet to promote his violent rhetoric and influence others who share his views.

September 25, 2005: 

After citing a news story that said Israel had bombed a Palestinian school it claimed was raising funds for the terrorist group Hamas, Turner wrote, "Since Israel feels it is OK to bomb schools that raise money for causes it doesn't like, then I guess it would be OK to bomb jewish [sic] Yeshivas that raise money for things we don't like?!?!?!? After all, if schools are now legitimate military targets for Israel, they must then be legitimate military targets for everyone. Right? Maybe we should start drawing up lists of Jewish Yeshivas here in the United States?"

One of Turner's supporters, "Spartan WhiteKnight," responded to Turner's comments: "Its [sic] like I always say, little Jew bastards grow up to be big Jew devils. If arabs [sic] living in America were to bomb exclusive Jew schools, neighborhoods and gated communities in America in "retaliation", things would be as they ought to be."  Another supporter, "Rumplestiltskin," encouraged people to attack synagogues in New Jersey.   In a previous email on July 18, Rumplestiltskin provided the addresses of specific yeshivas in New Jersey, in case Al Qaeda needed a Jewish target to attack.

September 20, 2005: 

Turner turned his wrath on the New York Police Department for breaking up an unauthorized anti-war rally:  "Your bullet-resistance vests will not protect you from 30-06 rifles...None of us care if your police department, District Attorneys or Supreme Court Judges like it; you will all obey or you can be forced to obey…"

September 14, 2005:

Turner claimed that a previous statement he posted against Federal Judge Joan Lefkow, whose family was murdered this past February by a deranged man reportedly unhappy with a ruling the judge made in his case, may have led to the killing of her family. Discussing the judge who ruled that the "Pledge of Allegiance" is unconstitutional, Turner wrote,  "Let me just take this opportunity to remind U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton, that I, me, Hal Turner, uttered on this radio show that a ruling that had been made by a different Federal Judge, Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow, in Chicago...I uttered that her ruling made her worthy of being killed and in March of this year her family was murdered.  I don't like this ruling that was issued by U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton in San Francisco, saying that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional. I hope I don't have to make a similar utterance about Judge Karlton like I made about Judge Lefkow.  You people on the Federal Bench think you can't be gotten to...you *can* [asterisks in original] be gotten to."

July 15, 2005:

Turner advocated killing both Mexican officials and illegal aliens from Mexico.  He stated: "In my opinion it's time to start ASSASSINATING MEXICAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS [emphasis in original]…I once again advocate using EXTREME VIOLENCE [emphasis in original] against Mexicans.  They should be shot and killed while crossing into this country illegally.  Once they're dead, their heads should be cut off and put on pike poles as a warning to others. Any water stations placed in the desert by good samaritans should be intentionally poisoned."

June 5, 2005:

Turner directed vicious threats against Israel and Jews.  He wrote, "These filthy Israeli scum deserve to be annihilated…If I got my hands on a nuclear, chemical or biological weapon, I would be more than willing to unleash it upon Israel!  Short of that, it is my earnest hope that jews [sic] will be attacked everywhere in the world.  I hope they are gunned down in the street in drive-by shootings.  I hope their businesses are wrecked.  I hope their synagogues (of satan) and Yeshivas are bombed into rubble.  I hope their neighborhoods are destroyed.  I advocate extreme violence against Zionist jews [sic] wherever they are in the world."

June 3, 2005:

Turner again focused his rage against elected officials: "Let me blunt; by 'violence' I mean KILLING [emphasis in original] elected officials and judges whose sinister, evil exercise of power has struck at the very heart of what America really is : A Constitutional Republic based upon White Christian values…I am ready to do what's needed.  Are you?"

May 17, 2005:

Turner called for the murder of the mayor of Denver because the restaurant the mayor owned employed an illegal alien who allegedly murdered one cop and wounded another, both of whom were moonlighting as security for a private establishment.  Turner wrote, "I think the Mayor's employing of this illegal alien (and up to 100 others in a restaurant) and his policy of affording sanctuary to other illegal aliens makes Mayor John Hickenlooper worthy of being KILLED.  I sincerely hope that someone takes a rifle with a scope and puts a bullet through Mayor Hickenloopers head.  If that's too hard, someone should catch him walking on the street or eating in a restaurant and stab him in the chest, around the third button down form the neck?  This generally pierces the heart killing someone instantly."

May 15, 2005:

Turner advocated brutally killing both Jews and Mexicans:

Instead of fighting Muslims, we Christians should be rounding up jews [sic] and killing them here in America.  We should bomb their Synagogues, burn down their Yeshivas and violently attack them on the street and in their places of business.   I advocate extreme violence against jews [sic] because their history as a people make them worthy of being killed. Jews are the lowest form of sub-human garbage. They deserve to be killed."

I urge the hunting and killing of all illegal aliens as they cross the border into America.  I implore Americans to arm themselves with sniper rifles and night vision scopes and kill every Mexican man woman and child who illegally crosses the U.S border.  I advocate extreme violence against illegal aliens… I think it would be terrific to trap them by their ankles in steel bear traps then beat them to death when you return and find them in the trap. After they're dead, they should be decapitated and their heads put on spikes as a warning to other Mexicans. I advocate putting poison in desert drinking water stations they use.  They deserve to be doused with gasoline and set on fire.  Another great idea is to shoot at them from planes and helicopters.  Oh, if any American sides with the illegals- like a bigmouth politician or a politically-correct, ass-kissing local Sheriff, lawyers, Judges or the like - it would be a real public service to kill them too!  If they side with the enemy, they should share the enemy's fat."

May 4, 2005:

Turner targeted Judge George Greer who presided over the case of Terry Schiavo (the Florida woman whose case gained national attention when her husband had her feeding tube removed and who has since died), as well as the lawyers who were honoring him with an award at a country club.  Turner wrote, "It is my sincerest hope the country club is attacked with rocket propelled grenades and as a result Judge Greer and all the lawyers giving him an award are killed.  If RPG's prove too difficult, then I hope a sniper takes them out as they travel to or from the place; ALL of them!"  In addition, Turner provided the address of the country club.