Youth Learn Skills to Stop Cyberbullying

  • January 24, 2013

To fight back against cyber­bul­ly­ing, ADL cre­ated Cyber­ALLY®, an inter­ac­tive train­ing for youth in middle and high school. Cyber­ALLY® educates  young people to devel­op strate­gies for protecting them­selves against cyber­bul­ly­ing, urging  them to  prevent cyberbullying—and tak­e action against it when they see it happening  to others.

Often in those situations there are no adults present, so young people must be prepared to stand up for each other—in other words, to become cyberallies to counteract cyberbullies. ADL’s Cyber­ALLY® program shows them how to do just that. And the good news is—it has been proven to work.

A recent study of ADL’s Cyber­AL­LY program, conducted by an independent research group with funding by Cir­cle of Ser­vice and Microsoft, suggests encouraging results. It showed statistically significant improvement in addressing cyberbullying in three important areas: aware­ness and knowl­edge about cyber­bul­ly­ing; demon­stra­tion of respon­si­ble and eth­i­cal online behav­ior; and abil­ity to be a cyberally.

In addition, 93 percent of stu­dents indi­cated they learned dif­fer­ent strate­gies for respond­ing to cyber­bul­ly­ing and online bias. And 81 percent indi­cated that “all kids my age should par­tic­i­pate in this work­shop.”

Overall, the results of this eval­u­a­tion find ADL con­tribut­ing to increased cyber-civility and a cul­ture of e-safety among youth. So brings CyberALLY to your school. By chang­ing the cul­ture from one of pas­sive bystanders to active cyber­al­lies, we can change the way stu­dents inter­act online.

CyberAlly® is a program of ADL’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute.