ADL Letter to UAE On Anti-Semitic "Khaiber" TV Series

H.E. Yousef Al Otaiba
Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the US

Dear Mr. Ambassador:

We are writing to express outrage over the blatantly anti-Semitic television series, Khaiber, currently being broadcast internationally on Dubai TV.

The first episode of Khaiber, a 30-part, multi-million dollar television series produced by Echo Media Qatar, aired on July 10 and will run through Ramadan. 

In the episodes we have viewed, this dramatization of the Battle of Khaiber contains classic anti-Semitic motifs, such as portraying a Jewish conspiracy to undermine Arabs, as well as depicting Jews as cheap, greedy and immoral.  Indeed, many of those involved in the production of the series, including the writer and an actor, have publicly stated that the goal of the series is to show the “real face” of the Jew.

Mr. Ambassador, the UAE, and Dubai in particular, are known for their openness to the world, and are rightly proud of a reputation as a hospitable and accessible destination for international business and leisure.  Sadly, the base anti-Jewish sentiments broadcast around the world under Dubai’s name, presents a disturbingly different perspective:  one that promotes division, hate and prejudice.

We note that the satellite television station Qatar TV, in the home country of the production company Echo Media Qatar, was reportedly originally scheduled to air this offensive program, but has replaced it on their schedule.

In these particularly turbulent, violent and uncertain times, we urge Emirates officials to condemn the anti-Semitism in this series, and to encourage opportunities for Dubai media outlets to provide programming which promotes greater understanding of Jews and other faiths.

Ramadan Kareem,


Abraham H. Foxman
National Director