Letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Her Excellency Angela Merkel
Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

Dear Madame Chancellor,

We write to express our ongoing appreciation for your clear and public denunciations of anti-Semitism, most recently last week when you called for “intensive action” against anti-Semitism, especially among the asylum seekers who have come to Germany from places “in which hostility toward Israel and anti-Semitism are a common practice.”

ADL has publicly supported the fundamental commitment to refugee protection, while at the same time warning against the widespread anti-Semitic attitudes held by residents of Arab Middle East countries, as demonstrated by ADL’s 2014 Global 100 survey of anti-Semitic attitudes. 

ADL past Chair Barry Curtiss-Lusher conveyed this position to you in person during your meeting in New York on September 27.  We appreciated your private expression of concern then, and thank you for making it public now, especially in unequivocal terms about “clear limits” on anti-Semitism, which “has no place in our society.”

Please be assured of our continuing support as you address the challenges inherent in providing refuge for over a million men, women and children from the Middle East while ensuring the protection of German values.


Jonathan A. Greenblatt
CEO and National Director