Letter to Secretary Kerry on Kidnapped IDF Soldier Hadar Goldin

The Honorable John Kerry
Secretary of State
2201 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Mr. Secretary,

We commend your immediate strong and unequivocal condemnation of Hamas’s flagrant and ruthless violation of today’s ceasefire agreement, and your impassioned call for the immediate and unconditional release of kidnapped IDF soldier Lt. Hadar Goldin.

We recognize and deeply appreciate your tireless efforts to achieve a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas.  We are very dismayed that, despite your significant efforts, Hamas has repeatedly rejected and violated ceasefire proposals and agreements, and has once again chosen to advance a barbaric terrorist campaign against Israeli civilians and soldiers. 

America’s leadership and moral clarity about the brutality of Hamas will do more, in the end, to protect human life and to uphold international norms and standards than those who ignore the fundamental vicious nature of Hamas and this confrontation. Others in the international community should emulate your moral stand by clearly and unequivocally condemning Hamas’ latest outrage. 

All responsible members of the international community should heed your call and join the US in efforts to secure the release of Lt. Goldin.  


Abraham H. Foxman
National Director

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