Letter to UN Amb. Power on Settlement Resolution

December 23, 2016

The Honorable Samantha Power
U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations

Dear Madam Ambassador,

We are writing regarding the one-sided resolution introduced by Egypt at the United Nations Security Council that holds Israel and its settlement policy “in the West Bank and East Jerusalem” responsible for the lack of progress in Israeli-Palestinian negotiation.

The draft resolution is biased and unconstructive, and among other concerns, names Israeli policies specifically as being responsible for "imperiling the two-State solution" while other issues, including terrorism and violence, are noted in a generic, unspecific manner. 

We are cognizant that recent Israeli statements and legislative action regarding settlements have raised concerns in the US and among even Israel’s friends in the international community.  However, we are sure you would agree that one-sided resolutions are not a productive way to move the peace process forward.  

While Egypt ultimately decided to postpone the vote on this resolution, we strongly urge the US to engage in efforts to ensure its postponement is indefinite. Should the resolution be brought to a vote, we call on the US to use its veto to reject this one-sided measure against Israel, while affirming US support for a two state solution that will bilaterally resolve all outstanding issues - including settlements.  


Jonathan A. Greenblatt