ADL Has Worked for Benefit of Muslims

This letter appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune on December 4, 2013.

Letters to the Editor
San Diego Union-Tribune 

To the Editor:

The Dec. 2 article “ADL’s century of fighting injustice” included a statement by Hanif Mohebi, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ San Diego office, saying ADL’s leadership “continues to attack the American Muslim community and our organizations.”

We believe that allegation is without merit, and it conflates ADL’s position toward the American Muslim community with its position toward the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

ADL has serious concerns about CAIR’s history of extreme anti-Israel rhetoric, which at times has crossed the line into anti-Semitism and expressions of support for terrorist groups. ADL’s objection to working with CAIR is based on this history, not faith.

ADL’s record in defending the rights of the American Muslim community has been consistently demonstrated through several reports, programs and initiatives, such as the establishment of the Interfaith Coalition on Mosques and ADL’s work to expose anti-Muslim groups in the United States. In fact, ADL’s work in defending the American Muslim community has been cited in several CAIR reports and news releases.

ADL’s 100-year history supporting the civil rights of all in this country, including Muslims, and our record of teaching respect for all religions remain unparalleled.


Tammy Gillies
San Diego Regional Director
Anti-Defamation League 

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