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The New York Times

To the Editor:

Re George Bisharat's op.ed "Why Palestine Should Take Israel to Court in The Hague" (January 30):

His article proves the wisdom of Israel and the United States opposition to the UN recognizing the Palestinians as a state, but not for the reason that Bisharat states.

It is not so much Israel's fear of having to defend itself before the ICC that is the essential point here.  Rather, it is that the Palestinians, if they would follow Bisharat's recommendation, would be using its new position at the UN to expand its mischief- making and to once again avoid finally coming to terms with living in peace with the state of Israel.

This is clear from Bisharat's own words:"if the choice is between a Palestinian legal intifada, in which arguments are hashed out in court, and an actual intifada, in which blood flows in the streets, the global community should encourage the former."

That is a false choice. There is a third way which is to refrain from both and return to negotiations with Israel.

Bisharat and the Palestinians should be strongly discouraged from this course. It is reminiscent of the Arab states approach at the time of Israel's creation in 1948. First, invade Israel in the attempt to destroy it through bloodshed. When that failed, they turned to another approach, not bloody but destructive as well, the Arab boycott of Israel, an attempt to strangle it economically. That too did not work.

The lesson to the Palestinians then and which applies today once again should be: abandon once and for all your efforts to weaken and isolate Israel. The biggest losers of those efforts, in the past and today, are the Palestinians themselves. Instead, sit and negotiate with Israel a two state solution based on peace and security and the Palestinians can finally become winners alongside the Israelis.


The Anti-Defamation League

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