How the West Chose War in Gaza

Letters to the Editor
The New York Times


Re “How the West Chose War in Gaza” (July 18):

Nathan Thrall’s analysis suggesting the West and Israel are to blame for the current war in Gaza by not opening up to Hamas after its agreement with the Palestinian Authority misses the mark on several levels.

He ignores the fact that Hamas had an opportunity via the agreement with the Palestinian Authority to accept the Middle East Quartet’s terms for legitimacy -- recognize Israel, reject terrorism, and accept past Israeli-Palestinian agreements. They rejected all.

Second, despite the agreement, Hamas gave up nothing of its control of Gaza to the new government. Gaza remained dominated by an organization committed to Israel’s destruction and the use of terror.

It was not the absence of moves by the West and Israel, but the combination of Hamas’s ideology, its accumulation of a large arsenal of more than 10,000 rockets and the non-stop building of tunnels intended to facilitate terrorist attacks against Israel which made conflict inevitable.

If there is any blame to the West in this latest explosion of violence, it lies in the willingness to support the agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.  The message to Hamas: It could make progress toward international legitimacy while continuing its extremist path, including the launching of hundreds of rockets at the people of Israel.


The Anti-Defamation League

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