In Defense of Susan Rice

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice is a staunch and eloquent promoter of American values within the world body.

Letters to the Editor
Wall Street Journal

To the Editor:

We strongly disagree with Anne Bayefsky and Michael B. Mukasey's "The Trouble With Susan Rice" (op-ed, Nov. 29), which questions Ambassador Susan Rice's "moral fitness" and criticizes her record at the United Nations on issues including defending Israel and sanctioning Iran.

Ambassador Rice is a staunch and eloquent promoter of American values within the world body. Under the ambassador's leadership, the U.S. has helped to secure the strongest U.N. sanctions ever against Iran and has defended Israel's security and legitimacy in the international body most known for its bias against the Jewish state.

The U.N. is the leading international forum for hostile anti-Israel resolutions. That is precisely what has made it the locus for America's diligent defense of Israel's rights. Ambassador Rice has vigorously led that defense, from rejecting the biased Goldstone Report, to fighting unilateral Palestinian efforts to bypass negotiations with Israel.

People may differ about the effectiveness of certain tactics or, as we have often done, even seriously question whether bodies like the U.N. Human Rights Council will ever give Israel a fair hearing. But no one should use the U.N.'s anti-Israel record to cast aspersions on Ambassador Rice. She has earned her reputation as a fighter for Israel's equality in a hostile forum where an automatic majority reflexively expresses its bias against Israel.


Abraham H. Foxman
National Director

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