In Stab at Cleverness, Cartoon Unfairly Maligns Israel

Letters to the Editor
The Boston Globe

To the Editor:

Dan Wasserman’s July 22 editorial cartoon mocking Israel’s extraordinary efforts to avoid civilian injuries in Gaza while attempting to prevent its own civilians from being killed by the roughly 2,000 rockets fired by Hamas from Gaza over the last two weeks alone may pass as clever. But its suggestion that Israel or its prime minister is cavalier about the suffering caused by this conflict is grossly offensive and profoundly unfair, disregarding what is actually occurring in Gaza.

Israel has been handed no choice but to try to protect its civilians from rockets that have reached 80 percent of its civilian population and from an elaborate tunnel system packed with explosives and weapons, from which armed terrorists emerge for the purpose of killing or kidnapping Israelis. What else is Israel supposed to do to protect its civilians?

As it is, Israel goes to remarkable lengths to avoid harming civilians through a variety of measures that would do any country proud. Hamas uses children and other innocents as human shields, storing rockets in and firing them from schools, hospitals, mosques, and homes. The moral responsibility for the deaths of Palestinians and Israelis alike lies in one place only: with Hamas, and not with a country that does not wish, nor benefit from, conflict.

It is a pity that, in his zeal to be clever, Wasserman chose to ignore this.


Robert O. Trestan
New England Regional Director

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