Letter to NBC's Meet the Press on Rev. Billy Graham Segment

Chris Donovan
Producer, Meet the Press
NBC News Network 

Dear Mr. Donovan,

Your tribute this past Sunday to the ailing Rev. Billy Graham with his son Franklin was moving and understandable.  Rev. Graham has had a significant impact on Christians in America and around the world.  And, his close relationship with a number of U.S. Presidents has meant that he has had impact in the political sphere as well.

Unfortunately, your coverage failed to mention his egregious anti-Semitism, in which he accused Jews of controlling the media and corrupting culture that came out in the Richard Nixon White House tapes.

Anti-Semitism is a painful form of bigotry and when it reaches the highest levels in society, it must be addressed, even in a tribute.

Billy Graham led a remarkable life. The fact that even he was not immune from the anti-Semitism that pervaded society in the years he was growing up is a part of his life as well. It should have been reported.


Abraham H. Foxman
National Director

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