New Ways to End Bullying

This letter appeared in the Boston Herald on March 5, 2014.

Letters to the Editor
Boston Herald

To the Editor:

The suggestion that critical updates to the 2010 anti-bullying law confirm the law’s futility overlooks the purpose behind the proposed legislation and fails to recognize the importance of ensuring that our laws do not become stale (“Back at it on bullying,” March 3). Also in 2010, the Legislature established a “Commission on Bullying Prevention” charged with looking at how the state’s bullying law could be improved. The proposed legislation includes the commission’s recommendations. The legislature is rightly considering enhancements to the effectiveness of a law designed to protect our children.

Beyond “raising awareness,” the anti-bullying law recognizes that in order to make change, we need to teach our children about bullying and its impact. While no one thing will completely end bullying, that does not mean that the Legislature has no role to play. In this case, the Legislature has given schools the power to do something about this problem. The proposed updates will help schools to change the overall climate and culture by addressing bigotry and discrimination.

Robert O. Trestan, ADL New England Regional Director


Kara Coredini, 
Executive Director, MassEquality

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