Response to Gary Oldman's Playboy Interview

Letters to the Editor
Playboy Magazine

To the Editor:

Gary Oldman’s making excuses for the anti-Semitism of Mel Gibson was a bitter pill to swallow (Playboy Interview, June 23).  But his withering remark that Hollywood “is a town that’s run by Jews,” was nothing less than stomach-churning anti-Semitism.

Yes, there are Jews working in Hollywood. They’re there as talented actors, directors and producers -- not because they are Jewish, and certainly not as members of a cabal conspiratorially working to control the industry.

The fact that celebrities continue to pay a price for giving voice to anti-Semitism and bigotry is not, as Mr. Oldman suggests, a matter of political correctness run amok, but of a simple reality that there are consequences in our society for being a bigot.

We are glad that Mr. Oldman apologized on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”  In his apology, he showed a greater awareness and understanding of how words matter, and of his responsibility as a celebrity to use them both wisely and well.


Abraham H. Foxman
National Director 

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